Floral Emergency!

I had put up a listing on craigslist when we moved up the wedding asking for any free or cheap help or wedding items. A florist offered to make my bouquet, tosser bouquet, and FI's boutonniere for free.
I was in contact with her via email up until last Tuesday. Everything was fine. I emailed her this morning, 5 days before the wedding, to see when I could pick up the flowers. Her email got bounced back to me with the lovely message "this user/email does not exist" WTF!!!!!!!

I am literally broke as a joke because of paying everything else for the wedding, and it is 5 days away. I can do without a tosser, but I do need flowers for myself and a boutonniere for FI. What are any cheap seasonal flowers? I know how to make a bout and bouq, but the stress of this is killing me :( TIA!

Re: Floral Emergency!

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. Someone has a vicious sense of humor.....sad.

    If you can do it yourself, see if a family member or friend (if you don't) has a membership at Costco or Sam's Club. Costco sells 2 dozen roses (around here anyway) for $15.....

    Based on the websites, the closest Costco to the cape is Avon. The flowers usually keep for a while. They have other bouquets you can buy.

    The nearest Sam's Club is in Seekonk, near Providence RI. They both look about equidistant from the Cape (if that's where your wedding is).

    Good luck.

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    i totally agree that florist did have a sick sense of humor! (if they really were a florist.

    as for cheap flowers, if you can get your hands on alstroemeria lillies those can be cheap but they can be fragile but you could use them for bouts. they come with 4 or more flowers per stem. most daisies and pomps are cheap and also come with several heads per stem. carnations also make great bouts. but i would probably go with the roses if you still want a some what elegant bouquet for a reasonable price.

    you could probably get some pretty ribbon and do the hand tied look pretty simple.

    good luck with you flowers
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    Not to worry. 

    If all you need is a bouquet and a bout, you can easily do this for under $20.

    Many of our local grocery stores, Taget, and Walmart carry flowers, and frequently have 1 dozen roses for anywhere from $5 to $20. 

    You can purchase them in advance and make the flowers up the day before.  Just get them in water right away, keep them cool and out of drafts.  Keep the stems in water until you are ready to use them.

    For a simple bout, just snip the bud off, leaving about 2 inches of stem.  Don't even worry about wrapping it with stem tape.  Just remove any unwanted leaves, any outer petals that may be wilty or brown looking, and any thorns from the stem. 

    For a simple bouquet, trim all leaves and thorns off the stems, arrange them in a bundle, and tape them around the middle.  cover the tape with ribbon wrapped around it.  Keep it in water until ready to use.  Done.

    You can also use other flowers.  Alstromerias (they come in a nice cluster that is similar looking to hydrangeas), daisies/pom pom mums, or a mixed bouquet from the grocery store will do just fine also.  If you have a Sam's or Costco membership, they have excellent prices, good quality, and knowledgeable flower people.  (Our local Sam's has 25 stem packages of roses for $19.99, 10 stems of alstromerias for about $6-8.)

    If you find a source of cheap flowers, just see what they have that day.  Ask the flower person what they recommend.  Many grocery stores with floral departments also do simple wedding flowers, or will usually give pretty good free advice. 

    If you literally do not have even $20 to spare, is there some "one-use" item you have purchased that you could return?  Like an aisle runner, a guest book, toasting flutes, or something of that nature?  If  not, do you have any artificial flowers around the house, or maybe a friend or relative with some that would make a decent bouquet?
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