no flowers!.....

would it be too weird if i didnt have flowers at all at my wedding, i mean, no bouquet....nothing....the prices are just killing me.....

Re: no flowers!.....

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    perhaps what you have decided you want and  what you THINK they should cost are on a collision course with reality.    You can carry a few large flowers..i.e. hydrangea or a cluster of daisies and it won't cost you an arm and a leg........if you want a round bokay of all roses=arm and a leg. and maybe a foot.
    and no you do not have to carry flowers.....carrying nothing may look a little strange tho
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    Your best bet is to decide on a budget and then work with a florist to create a new flower vision for your wedding within that budget.  Flowers are not cheap.  The labor in making centerpieces, personal flowers (bouts and corsages) and bouquets is alot.  Also you need to remember that they have to process all the flowers, deliver, and set them up.  All of this is a lot of work.  If you work with a reputable florist they should be able to create ideas for your day that work within your budget.

    As for not having any flowers, I am sure people have done this and their wedding is still beautiful.  Candles make great centerpieces.  You can use a variety of sizes and shapes.  Also take into account the time of year and theme of your wedding.  If you are having a fall wedding you can use gourds and pumpkins with fall leaves and wheat to decorate the tables.  Winter weddings you can use a bowl of pinecones or clove studded oranges and other fruits for the tables.  Spring is a great time to go to your local grower or even hardware store (home depot/loews) and buy potted plants to place in the center of your table...these could then also be used as favors for each couple.

    If you cut out flowers on your tables then purchasing a bouquet for yourself would be inexpensive.  Your BMs could carry just one stem instead of a whole bouquet.  Just start thinking outside of the box and I am sure you will think of some great alternatives to flowers.

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    I'm DIYing our bouquets and the flowers I grow in our garden this year will be cuttable flowers in variations of our wedding colors so if I want any for things like the ceremony or reception tables to supplement more decor I'll have them, but b/c they'll just be our regular garden flowers until then so they're not really a wedding expense. 

    If you already grow flowers at home perhaps consider that?  And you can just buy some reasonably priced flowers that you can create the bouquets out of yourself.  They have some great videos that show you how on Youtube, etc.
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    Flowers are not required for a wedding. 

    I think that it is nice to have bouquets for BMs so they have something to do with thier hands while they stand at the ceremony. 

    We bought our flowers online ( and made hand-tied bouquets.  Pretty easy and easy on the wallet too :)
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    Before you cross off flowers all together try considering low cost flowers that make big impacts.  Babies breath comes in pink and purple as well as white, Lisianthus has a look similar to roses and dahlias come in so many sizes, petal counts and colors.

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    I guess you could try using manzanita branches for centerieces, and maybe hang some beads or crystals on them with candles lit around the table. You could also have the girls maybe carry a really flashy clutch instead? The decision is up to you, it is your day and you have to do what is within your budget but I think there is always a creative way around any problem!

    I love the manzanita branch idea..
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