Would a single rose for bridesmaids stand out enough in pictures?

One of my bridesmaids suggested having each of my 6 bridesmaids carry a single rose.  If we do so, I was also thinking of having different shades of pink to pop out from their periwinkle dresses and wrap the stem with a ribbon bow.

I haven't been able to find any pictures of bridesmaids with single roses - I've only seen calla lilies.  Do you have any pictures?  Do you think it would work?

Re: Would a single rose for bridesmaids stand out enough in pictures?

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    That would be lovely. My bridesmaids and I are gonna have bouquets of 6 flowers that is it. Me most is like a dozen because the bouquets I have lifted were too heavy.

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    I liked that idea myself, but my mom pointed out that it might look like they're going to hand it to someone, like in a flower ceremony. I'm leaning toward the six-rose bouquet myself. Something super small, but not tiny. 

    But I still think you should do what you want. My mom knows a lot, but not everything. ;) 

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    If the contrast between the dress and the rose is sufficient, then it stands out.

    Our florist was in a car accident enroute to the wedding.  We had a last minute pull together of three cream roses with a cream ribbon.  The bridesmaids dresses were dark green and using the ribbon to wrap a big fancy bow made the roses stand out.    The bride carried 1/2 dozen red roses with a big cream ribbon.   We picked up simple bud vases and each bridesmaids deposits her roses on three tables in the bud vases.  It actually worked because the venue was candlelit and otherwise very simple and elegant. 

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    im not sure, i went to a wedding last summer where they carried a single just seemed sort of missing something....

    are there other filler flowers that may make a fuller bouquet. Like carnations around a single rose?
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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of single flowers being carried, cala lilies included.  It seems so empty and lonely.  Also hard to carry so it looks nice and not awkward, especially a rose with a thin stem.  I also think it looks cheap.

    If price is the issue, maybe you could do simple smaller bouquets with cheaper flowers instead?

    But that's just me.  If it's your vision then go for it.
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    As long as the color of the rose is not the same as the dress color, your photos will look terrific.  *clink*
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