ranunculus & anemones

I love calla lillies and have always planned on using them...but i am recently falling in love with the look of anemone and ranunculuses... does anyone think that would look good together in my bouquet? Any pics? Any other ideas for and all white vintage style bouquet?

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    ranunclus and anemones have a beautiful "vintage" romantic look - they are some of my favorite blooms!

    A caveat is that Anemones especially like to have a constant water source, espeically in heat. So if using in a bouquet, I usually water-tube them (hiding the tubes within the bouquet so they don't show). Also, ranunclus are only available in spring, and very briefly ifor a few weeks n the winter. Anemones have two brief "seasons" , in the mid spring, and the early-mid fall. it is very hard to get them any other time of year. Depending on what part of the country you are in, it may be difficult to get them even during their seasons.

    Good luck!
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