Orange & Cream Flowers - Fall Wedding

Met with teh florist for the first time last night and I'm more confused about the bouquets...

Originally wanted mango callas and cream roses - til we found out how expensive mango callas can be.  So...

Bridesmaids:  orange lillies with cream roses...with greens scattered throughout
Matron of honor:  same as above but with "mango-like callas" too - the florist is going to use yellow callas and spray them to look mango (with the reddish outline too)
Mine:  bouquet of cream roses and "mango-like callas"...

What I'm not sold on is the orange lillies in the bridesmaid and matron of honor bouquets...  White lillies have always reminded me of funerals - not necessarily orange I COULD live with them...just trying to be somewhat affordable.

Any thoughts???  The one flower I considered but am not going with are gerberas...

I appreciate any help!  :)  THanks!

Re: Orange & Cream Flowers - Fall Wedding

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    Forgot to mention all of the bouqets have orange/yellow berries in them...
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    Uh... ok I will say it... I am a florist... and a bride....   And suggest looking round a bit more.   
    First of all Mango callas cost the same as yellow callas... really... so i do not understand the spray paint concept. 
    Orange lilies are pretty but also very fragile in bridesmaids bouquets... so another less that brilliant idea. 
    A couple of ideas.... Dahlias... beautiful, sturdy, local and very special... great color combos too.  
     A special rose in one of your orange and yellow tones ... rather than cream for the girls  check out the picture here... that is "cherry brandy" and the same price as any other rose... then under pin it wit an inexpensive alstromeria in orange, yellow and cream...
    And whats so bad about gerbers? they are awesome... 
    If cost is important, and it always is, you can always use some fun fall textures and fillers to plump it up a bit and use fewer of the pricy blooms.     Or just make small clutches for the girls... so sweet anyway.
    Keep shopping for the right florist that can make you happy and do something you will love....
    2 cents... good luck!

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    I used circus roses - they are yellow with red tips, so kind of read as orange.  Orange roses and carnations would be inexpensive choices too. 
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    Thank you for the notes PPs and additional ideas/photos!  Lots to think about here - I guess I like a more simple look...I hadn't given too much thought prior to going in and learning about various flowers!  :)
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    Orange roses would look pretty as opposed to the orange lillies.
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    get on the knot bokay pictures. Start to look at the fall bokays and see what wshapes and textures of the flowers you like then decide on the color combo.  You never daid what color dress your bridesmaids are wearing........that is an important fact you let out of your PP.
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    Was in Seattle recently and was BLOWN away by the dahlia variations.  Completely gorgeous.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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    What about orange tulips and ranuculas ( I know I spelled that wrong)....I had an orange bouquet with those, and some orange callas.  I loved it.
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    Thank you so much for all the feedback!  I think I finally figured it out...  :)

    Bridesmaids = mix of burnt orange and cream roses with cream hydrangea...greenery and orange hypercium berries
    Matron of honor = same as above with a few mango calla lillies
    ME = cream roses, cream hydrangea, mango calla lillies, greenery and berries

    PHEW - feelign very good about this!!!  :)
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