i am completely lost when it comes to flowers, help!

well my florist got me through picking out everything except centerpieces.

to set the scene, my colors are black and ivory with some purple. the bridesmaids r wearing black with purple flowers and groomsmen r wearing black with purple tie and bout. i am having ivory table clothes, ivory chair covers with black sashes and scattering black/ivory rose petals down the tables (they r rectangle). i have 12" octagon mirrors for teh base of the centerpiece, and 12" black eiffel tower vases. i made a mock up of what i liked, which consist of  a 6" styrofoam ball filled with fake ivory roses and stuck it on top of the vase.  

i was then going to have cylinder vases with a purple led light at the bottom and fill them up with ivory pumpkins with black swirly designs on them. each cylinder vase would go halfway between the centerpiece and edge of the table. 

problem? i'm second guessing everything now. does this sound really stupid so far? cause it sounds neat in my head. and i'm thinking i might not want fake flowers, but you can only cram 5 real roses in the vases without the ball and it looks really stupid with just 5. so then i was thinking well maybe i need different vases. and i like the tall square vases, so maybe if i used one of them i could put more flowers in it that were real, it would look normal, and even put a purple led in the bottom of it. and is ivory roses too much ivory? or should they be purple too? 

i am quite scatterbrained at the moment, and could use any help/advice anyone would like to provide. thanks in advance

Re: i am completely lost when it comes to flowers, help!

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    keep the Eiffel tower vases but change out some of the flower.  mix the roses with a tall spiky flower..maybe lupine if that works with your purples.  A few perfect blossoms would be lovely.  Keep the hex mirrors and the strewn rose petals.

    Ditch the cylinder vases with the pumpkins.  They are too different from the Eiffel Tower vases and would look disjointed.   

    Breathe.  You have good ideas and the day will turn out beautifully.  
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