Corsage alternative?

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My mom absolutely hates corsages. She says they're awkward and frustrating. Are there any alternatives for the moms and grandmas to be set apart? Someone suggested a mini-bouquet (can't remember what its called) instead, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to do. I'm trying to think of a way to put flowers in their hair maybe?? But I can't think of a way without making it look silly. Any suggestions???

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    Our mothers carried nosegays (the small bouquets) and they really liked them.  They could also carry a single flower (like a rose). 

    I don't really care for the hair flower idea.  Both of our mothers were really worried about how they looked on the wedding day and I don't think either of them would have wanted that.
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     You can pin a corsage to a clutch purse or have them carry a single flower.
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    Our moms carried small bouquets.  I also like the idea of pining flowers on a clutch.

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    I like a gardenia in her hair... see what a hairdresser might do... 
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    Our mother's were given the option of corsages or bouquets.  They opted for bouquet. We got them bouquets of white calla lilies tied with with green ribbon.   The all white bouquet meant that they could wear whatever color they desired without worrying about coordinating with the wedding flowers.
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    Do they not like wrist corsage and pin corsages? My florist is producing corsage to pin (using magnets) onto the dress for the moms and grandmas.

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    A wrist corsage would be a great alternative!
    Check out this site: She makes beautiful
    Wrist Corsages out of wooden roses!
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    For prom I never liked the tied corsages so I had my florest attach my corsage to my braclet for the night. best part I could cut the corsage off when it got annoying, could keep both pieces seperate. I still have the bracelet.

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