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Did anyone use peonies in the their bouquets or centerpieces? I've recently discovered them and have just fell in love but no sure on cost. I am getting married in late May which I understand would be in season. Any info would be helpful.. Thanks!

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    I have heard they are one of the most expensive flower to get, I assume because of the short season.  about $8.00 a stem.   We are using peonies for a early june wedding, ONLY if they are in bloom in the backyard at that time :)
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    oh by the way - try garden roses, they have the same look as the peonies but nicer $$
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    I think your best bet would be to just start getting quotes from florists in your area.  Peonies should be in season during your wedding, so the cost may not be that bad.

    I had imported peonies in November and I really didn't think the cost was outrageous. My bouquet was $175 (peonies, green cymbidium orchids, and roses) and my bridesmaid's bouquets were $100 each (peonies and cymbidium orchids).   This cost was similar to what some of my friends have paid for non-peony bouquets.
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    They should be in season in late May but the cost will vary region to region.  I had them in my bouquet as well as many other flowers and my bouquet was about $125 (pictures in my married bio) in north Florida.
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    hi! talk to your florist, they will be able to tell you
    yes, typically peonies are expensive, but they are locally in season the week of my wedding so they are super cheap for me. i'm early june, so they may be reasonably priced for you as well


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    I agree with the PP. Definitely talk with your florist and see what they have to say about price and quality. My wedding was early June and I love peonies, but our florist said that the peonies we get out of our garden would be of a higher quality then she could get due to our location.
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    peonies are in full season and not that expensive when you consider how large they are.... Go for it!! They are beautiful and 1 peonie is larger than 3 roses so the cost is not actually an issue.   
    great quality flowers are available...If your florist can't gain access to them you should probably find a florist with better connections...
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    I think only your florist would be able to give you the most detailed answer.  But typically, peonies are some of the most expensive blooms there are because they grow only for a few weeks and in limited climates.  But I agree, they're gorgeous.  There's also blooms that look similar to peonies like the English rose.  Actually, sometimes I can't tell the difference without being right next to it.
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