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I thinking about color of flower.  My bridesmaids are wear hot pink with a black jacket and heels.  The groomsmen are wearing black tux with white shirt.  I was think I would do a pink flower for me then pink and white for the MOH and the white for the other bridesmaids.  Then do pink for the groomsmen.  What do you think?  ALso to the Fathers and the mothers have the same colors as the rest of the wedding party?

Re: color

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    this sounds like it would work great and the white would really pop
  • lalap69lalap69 member
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    I like that you won't be doing pink on pink.  I see this in a lot of weddings and find that it blends in.  I think what you're doing will look great!  For the parents, I think either pink or white flowers would be fine.
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  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    I think that sounds lovely. White flowers will look fabulous against the BMs pink and black attire.
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    I think that sounds like it would be really pretty.

    I'm using calla lillies for everything.  For my bouquet, I opted for the white callas, and just a few of the very dark ones mixed in, so that hopefully my bouquet won't blend in with my dress.

    Then for the MOH and the BMs, I'm using all white callas. 

    For the boutonnieres, the groom will have 1 white and 1 dark purple, all of the groomsmen and my dad will have the dark purple, with some smaller dark purple filler, and the grandfather my uncle will have white with the dark purple filler.

    The corsages for my aunts will be white with the filler, and for our moms will be the dark purple with the filler.
  • BrooklclarkBrooklclark member
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    that sounds wonderful i like the color.
  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    That sounds very nice.  I think I'd do white for the parent's flowers. 
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