Flower color compromise? HELP!

OK. First, my wedding colors are: Navy Blue, Aqua, and Gray as the accents. I am wearing an ivory dress and the groom is wearing a gray colored suit, white shirt, navy blue tie. The bridesmaids are wearing navy blue dresses and the groomsmen are wearing navy blue suits, white shirts and aqua ties. Here is the issue. I am getting married in a destination wedding: Santorini. In my wedding package, the bouquet is included in the price. They send you an e-catalogue of the flowers you can choose from. I wanted blue flowers. This is the bouquet I chose:

I have been informed from the package coordinator that blue flowers are very hard to come by and might have to be flown in... he has not quoted me how much money this will cost, but I assume it will be a lot.

Here's where I need help - I do NOT want to carry an all white bouquet tied with a navy blue ribbon as the coordinator suggested as a compromise because I was thinking about having my bridesmaids carry white bouquets with aqua ribbon. I DESPISE the colors pink and purple and don't want flowers of either of those colors.

I guess I need to pick a color of flower now, since we can't have blue and I don't want white. On theknow today it showed color schemes and I saw this one:

and this one:

Yellow or Red to go with AQUA. Now, these weddings only show those 2 colors and mine also has NAVY as a main color... the flower catalogue DOES have yellow and red bouquets in it, but I have NO CLUE which one of these I could throw into the mix now, too, along with Aqua, Navy Blue, and Gray.

If I add these flowers in either yellow or red for the bridal bouquet - do I need to add that color in everywhere else, too?

Thanks so much for ANY input, suggestions or advice!!

Re: Flower color compromise? HELP!

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    i think the either one would look great, personally i love the pretty pop of the yellow or even apple green.

    otherwise i used a website called the perfect palette. they have a ton of color and inspiration boards, which i found really helpful, and you can even submit your colors/ideas and she'll come up with a palette for you!
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    might consider lime greens and ivory... really fresh and pretty and classy next to blues.
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    a substitute blue flower you could use would be delphinium.  It comes in a dark blue and light blue color that would look a lot like the blue flower in the bouquet you chose.  Not sure about them having to fly it in or not but at least it is another option for you.
    As far as yellow or red with your color scheme either would work really well.  Both colors look great with navy and gray. and would add a nice surprise to the overall color scheme.

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    have you considered either real silk or paper flowers for your bouquet? I've been working on a bouquet for a friend (came here for ideas on arranging), but I've been all over the web and some of the most beautiful bouquets are the ones that last forever.

    Yellow would likely be stunning with the navy and aqua combination and would add pop.  I don't think you would really need to add it in anywhere else, it would add visual interest and a little burst of heat in a otherwise cold color scheme. If you're feeling brave though and not heartset on yellow or red, I'd say to go with an orange. Orange is a natural compliment to blue and would really help set off the entire color scheme.
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    LOL on the orange - I originally thought that but after the 3rd person I asked said "GATORS BLUE & ORANGE" (university of FL) i said forget it. thank you for the input everyone!
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