Do inexpensive flowers exist???

I am getting married in Nov in Black Forest. My budget is very low and I am doing a lot of do-it-yourself. Does anyone know of an inexpensive florist? Is there a certain flower that would be cheaper that others? My colors are fushia and deep purple. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Re: Do inexpensive flowers exist???

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    Welcome to the Knot Sara.

    You should post this question on the local board for Colorado (see "Local Wedding Boards" on the left). Other than the local boards, people from all over the world post on topic boards.

    However, the most inexpensive flowers are carnations or baby's breath, both of which take up a lot of "space" fairly inexpensively.
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    As sue-n-kevin said, baby's breath and carnations are the cheapest just about anywhere you are.
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    Carnations, mums, alstroemeria, daisy poms, stattice, baby's breath, wax flower and asters are all pretty cheap around here (and should be pretty cheap everywhere as far as i know). You can also use more expensive flowers that give you more bang for the buck too. A small bowl with a single lily (that typically come with at least 3 blooms to a stem) can end up being more cost effective and striking than a larger bouquet of carnations. Talk to a florist and tell them what colors and budget you would like. See what they come up with. You may be pleasantly surprised!
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    My flowers ended up being much cheaper than I thought they would be because every flower I chose was in season. Talk to some florists and see what feedback you get.
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    I am doing all baby's breath bouquets for my BM's, I love baby's breath by itself and hate it as a filler LOL And it's only costing me $10 a girl.
    This was my inpiration:

    I also love the look of 1 calla instead of a large bouquet. PP's gave great advice
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    Definately look into hydrangas as well. They are beautiful, come in a variety of hues and are extremely full! You'll def. get a lot of bang for your buck out of them!!
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    Deep purple is also one of my colors and I found carnations in the perfect hue: Might be a good option for you!
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    Try silk bouquets, they are not expensive , $19.00 per bouquet-12-36 roses
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