is it true?

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for those who submerged flowers in cylinders, is it true you have to use distilled water? I will be using real orchids!! I heard bubbles would form if I used tap water. can someone please confirm? thank you

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    Regular cool water is fine... Let it sit for a while to release the oxygen.  the orchids will probably try to float so you'll probably need a candle or have to fiddle with them a bit... 
    the longer they stay in the water the more they will sink and take on water... 
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    MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    You will need to submerge the flowers somehow so they do not float.  One way (I'm doing this) is to use river rocks.  Another thing you could do is (if you can reach the bottom of the vase) glue fishing string to the bottom and secure it to the flower at whatever height you want the flowers.
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    Plain, from the tap water is fine.  To prevent the flower from floating, my suggestion would be to submerge the entire orchid stem...this will give it the weight it needs to stay in the water.  Also make sure not to use too wide of a vase, this way when you submerge the stem the flowers will be slightly pressed against the sides of the vase which will hold it down as well.  I love orchids and they do great submerged!

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