Need suggestions, please help!

Hey girls I was wanting to use hydrangeas in my bouquet for my July wedding. Do you think they will wilt in the heat? I need some help choosing what kind of flowers can withstand the heat the best. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Need suggestions, please help!

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    My cousin's wife used hydrangeas for her Cincinnati 90 degree 90% humidity wedding and they held up beautifully.
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    Generally I'd say they don't last well, with hydrangeas you never know.  Some last well for days, other times they can wilt in a matter of hours.  Take your florist's advice on hydrangeas, they will be more familiar with the local conditions.

    If you want a similar look to hydrangea, you might try clusters of alstromeria (peruvian lilies) or stock with the pointy tops cut off.

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