Kissing balls!

So my original quote from my florist was right around 1600 after all of the fees and I just wasn't thrilled with that. I found a neat kissing ball through etsy that I could do myself. 

This kissing ball goes perfect with out outdoor beach wedding. The thing I am worried about is having the girls feel awkward carrying them or the balls looking awkward in photos. 

I checked some pics out online and they do look kind of look awkward in pictures, but I guess we could always ditch them for the photos. Or maybe get some with and some without. The original plan was to have the bridesmaids carry white calla lilies with greenery to make them pop but I feel like these fit the wedding WAY better and will save us $200. Along with cutting out some other things I managed to get the quote down to 1,000 which is ok but still spendy! I can't do alot of the flowers myself since it is a destination wedding so that's a bummer.

Has anyone heard from another bride if the balls were awkward for the bridesmaids? Or in photos?

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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    I have no answer for your question, but those are adorable!
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    I am doing kissing balls for my flower girls and MOH. I think they look cute in pictures but you are also welcome to ditch them for pictures. ( we haven't had our wedding yet)

    My flower girl loved holding it for a few pictures i took of her.

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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    I think they're cute - definitely a neat option the flowered kissing balls!  I am using flower kissing balls for the flower girls but the BMs will carry bouquets, I think it is more mature accessory for them.

    If you think they look awkward in photos you could use them for carrying down the aisle and at the ceremony so they have something to hold on to, and then ditch them for the posed pictures so they don't get in the way.  Even bouquets get in the way in pictures sometimes.
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    be sure the ribbon loops aren't too long. the only time i saw a kissing ball look awkward was when the loop was like 18 inches long and kept bumping against the little flower girl's legs. looked like she was kicking a pink soccer ball on a string. love your pic!
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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    the kissing ball is WAY to large for that little girl to carry. You need to make a smaller one that is in scale to her size.
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