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I'm fairly new to the boards and I could use a little help right now.  I have an idea for my dream bouquet, and I went to the florist to see what they could do for me.
I'm getting married on March 11, 2011 in SC on the beach.  I wanted some beachy colors and I picked out a cascading bouquet with peach and purple flowers in it with some ivy cascading down.
I wanted silk flowers so that I could have my bouquet forever, and I just found out that the florist can't get the peach color I had picked out.  So now I need to change the color.
My question for you ladies is should I pick out two new colors or should I keep the purple and pick out another color to go with the purple?  IF I do go with the purple, what color or colors should I have in the bouquet with the purple?
All help and any ideas would be helpful.

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    Purple (to me) is a neutral. Almost everything goes with it! I like ivorys or maybe a sand color, maybe even a pale blue. It just depends on what you love and want for your special day. You may want to check around with other florists to see if they may be able to get you what you want. Also ask the florist you currently have if they can be sprayed the peach color you want.
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