cooks florist in runnemede, nj

I've been meaning to write this for almost two years but I was so over the wedding planning I couldn't bear to come back to the knot.  Now I'm helping my cousin plan so I'm back haha:)  So...  Sue from Cook's is awful. She ruined my flowers and my sanity the week before and the day of my wedding.  They were nothing like what I wanted.  My wedding was at Auletto Caterers and they use Cook's.  So I went with them because the centerpieces ("a so-called $30 value" per table) was included in the cost per person.  They set me up with Sue.  She was unimaginative and disorganized.  I could go on with the details but there are too many. If anyone is thinking about using Cook's and wants to know all of the details,  let me know I would be happy to elaborate so as to save another person from this horror and regret.  I can also provide photos of the hideous maids bouquets.  Which btw they never bothered to reply to the letter I sent them telling them how unhappy I was.  So if you must use COOK'S, DO NOT ALLOW SUE TO HAVE A HAND IN YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS!!!

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