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I have 8 bridesmaids so in order to cut costs I am making my own bridesmaids boquets....only problem is I have no idea how to. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions??


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    I would start by using google to find ideas and instructions.  I would then practice, a lot!  I would then regret not just leaving it to the pros. 

    If I were in your shoes, I would talk with a professional florist about ways of keeping the cost down without loosing visual impact.
  • We are doing the same thing. I plan on winging it personally. Getting some stems and greenery and wrapping them with florist tape and wire to hold them together and then wrapping it with ribbon. I will have lots of help from crafty people so hopefully they wont turn out too bad. PP was probably right about practicing.
     We have a super small budget and I am soo low maintenance with anything that does not directly affect guests. We are putting most of our budget to food and venue. The rest is being done as cheaply as possible.
  • There are many ways to have a professional put together your bouquets and keep the costs down.

    You can have each of your girls carry only one flower or you can use relatively inexpensive flowers (like daisies or babies breath) for the bouquets.

    Finally, to keep costs down, talk with your florist about the size of the bouquets.  The larger the bouquet the more money it is going to cost.

    IMO, if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, you either have to A) practice, practice, practice (which may run you into a good amount of money with having to buy new supplies all the time) or B) talk with a may be surprised what florists can offer you within in your budget.

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    I DIYd all of our flowers and so can you! It really isn't as hard as people make it out to be. We got flowers from Sams for just under $400 and had more than enough for 12 centerpeices, 14 bouts, and 5 bouquets. As much as you can wheedle down a florist, there is no way on earth they can give you a deal like that. The same thing would have cost way over a thousand bucks from a pro.

    The best thing you can do is to watch youtubes on how to do it and practice. I started with some silk flowers and then graduated to practicing with real ones. By the time the wedding came around, I was pretty good at it and showed my BMs how to do it. We assembled everything the night before the wedding and it was lovely. As long as you use hardy flowers and give them time to condition, you should be fine. PM me if you want more info.
  • you just need to practice a bit... One tip I found that really held them together was using a lightweight zip tie to bind them together... they ain't going anywhere !  good luck
  • I'm also thinking of doing my bouquets and centerpieces and really do not know what I'm doing as well. I was told by a friend that the flowers could be bought wholesale in downtown L.A. where I live, but when should I buy them. The day before? 2 days before?
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