changing color of flower

I want to have submerged hydranges with candels ontop however,they dont come in hot pink andbright orange.Is there anything I could do to change the color of real or artificial ones?
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Re: changing color of flower

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    I would talk to your florist. I know that some flowers can be dyed; however I don't know how it would look in water. Also, I don't know how fake flowers would do in water. The higher quality might be fine but the cheaper flowers might bleed in color.

    I would suggest orchids or another flower that comes in those colors. Maybe you could incorporate the hydrangeas on your cake or with these pink/orange flowers.
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    Hydrangeas can be dyed, if you decide to go that route.

    I had white hydrangeas tipped and dyed bright blue, and they turned out fabulously.
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    I have the same idea for the centerpieces- except mine is going to be roses or morning glory or both lol. but as of dying them, them being submerged underwater, i would believe they would seem into the water, and change the color of the water- the silk flowers- actually i found that the more expensive flowers seemed to have a more unkept look and sorta destroyed the centerpieces- the less expensive ones held up better- just soak to make sure the color doesnt seep, and it still looks good- I did this with roses (silk) and they held up for a long time, and looked beautiful- a florist gave me the idea and told me the cheaper kind is better because it has different material in it that assist with the soaking, and it doesnt disingrate in the water, I hope this helps!
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