florist just canceled

***I am appologizing for this being my second post but I thought this board made more sense than my wedding location.***

Has anyone ever had a florist cancel before?

I just emailed them asking for a hard copy of the contract to keep on file. Does my request seem out of line? I haven't heard from them in 5 months so I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Never planned a wedding before not sure how things are supposed to work!

We had an electric contract and he just informed me that he didn't like my tone in the past and just canceled on me!  I check all of my emails with him; I didn't see anything remotely mean! I was very excited and happy to be working with him his flowers looked beautiful. Is there any protocal to things like this? What is the point in a contract if it is not binding?

Thanks in advance

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    No, that is not normal!  That is very unprofessional.  He sounds like one of those artistic prima dona types.

    I assume you meant "electronic" contract/e-mail type communication?  If you do indeed have a contract, and if you paid him a deposit or any money down, then you should be able to get it back. 

    Even if you have a firm contract/agreement, you cannot force them to perform or fulfill the contract (that would consitute forced servitude).  About all you can do is take them to court for breach of contract and get your money back, if you are actually out any money.

    If you haven't paid him any money, and aren't sure if you have an actual contract, then start over from scratch with another florist.  As long as they have that date open, and enough time to order the flowers, they don't need a whole lot of advance notice.
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    if your wedding is within an hour or two to Scranton,PA try Central Park Flowers.
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    Did you put down a deposit?  If so, then you should be able to get that back since he didn't withold his portion of the contract.
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