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I am trying to have a "Maine" wedding next fall where everything comes from Maine.  I am trying to figure out what flowers will be available.  So far I can only come up with sunflowers.  I do like them, but  not sure about a color palate for that- thinking green, brown, and yellow.  Let me know if you can come up wth a flower or what you think of the color scheme. 

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    I'm not familiar with flowers that are available from Maine; however I do think the colors will be pretty. You could use sunflowers with buttons, hydrangea, solidago, or Fuji mums. I would meet with a few florists to get ideas. You can still DIY if you would like but you will have a better idea of in season flowers.

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    There are a ton of flowers you can use for the fall. For our wedding in a couple wks were using Circus roses & fushia roses, Orange dyed hydrangeas, a eggplant/beige color cala lilies and willow braches. You florist is going to be the best one to ask this advice for because they'll know what's available during the season and also what may cost you more. Sunflowers are my favorite but my florist said their a hit or miss with the way they bloom from season to season so I decided to go with my second favorite flower roses and that was my choice. But I would def. check with your florist when you decide on one if you haven't already
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