Flowres/decor colors

Our wedding colors are shades of blue. The main shade is Tiffany blue with a few accents in a sky blue shade and some in a bright, sort of royal blue color. We are also using some champagne accents to echo the coffee color of my dress (PIB).
But I really haven't found any blue flowers I like and I don't really like white either. Would it be too much if we added another color, just in the flowers? I'm thinking a coral or pink.
I think our wedding might be ugly. I'm not sure yet.
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Re: Flowres/decor colors

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    lisab613lisab613 member
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    have you thought about blue hydrangeas? depending on the season of your wedding they might actually be a reasonable price, too.
    i don't think it would be bad to add another color for the flowers, especially since champagne/coffee is kind of a neutral.
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    White was the first color I thought of... but it looks like you ruled that out. 

    I think that a soft pink or yellow might work too. 

    Liek PP said blue hydrangeas could be fabulous too. 
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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Sure you can add an accent color with the flowers.  Pink, coral, blush, yellow, lavender, or even bright green woldd look nice with various shades of blue.  It won't be ugly at all, don't even think that.
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    clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I am having the same dilemma as you.  The color of the BM dresses are Tiffany blue as well.  Here are some pictures that inspired me.  Maybe one of these would inspire you, too.  For lurkers who may not know, if you click on the image, it should get blown up slightly for better viewing.

    The case for blue (with some white and green):

    The case for pink and coral:

    The case for white:

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