Flower colors..

Wine colored bridesmaid dresses.... What color flowers?? I'm stuck!

Re: Flower colors..

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    What time of year? What is the vibe/feel you are going for?  What color are your invites, etc.?

    Here are some ideas:
    Light Pink

    Lots of colors could work, but I'd need more details to really help. 
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    With wine dresses:

    Dark Purple flowers would be elegant 
    Blue flowers would be difficult (not many blue flowers)
    Green flowers would be fresh
    Yellow flowers would be classic 
    Orange flowers would be modern
    Red flowers would be tonal
    Pink flowers would be girly
    White flowers  would be retro

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    My mom had wine colored BM dresses and then had dark burgundy and ivory flowers.  Just an idea but honestly PP's ideas are a great way to accent and bring other colors in the mix if you want more variety with colors.
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