Simple orchid centerpieces - prices?

My venue has a Zen-inspired look, and I'm trying to find a floral centerpiece that's elegant and simple.  I love orchids, and I like the look of something like this:

Or this:

My question is twofold: a) are centerpieces like this super-expensive? and b) will orchids be any cheaper if I live in a tropical climate where they are readily grown?
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Re: Simple orchid centerpieces - prices?

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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    You'll just need to check around on the prices.  2-3 orchid stems in a simple vase would probably cost about the same as a more elaborate mixed bouquet.
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    Yeah orchids are not cheap! And the care is an issue.  Orchids are known for needing very particular care, so depending on when you order them you would really have to stay on top of that.
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    clearheavensclearheavens member
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    In general, orchids are a costly bloom.  But they also come in branches, so if your florist orders them from a nice place where the branches are all blooming nicely, then it can be expensive.  If your florist orders them from a not-so-nice place, then there will be blooms she cannot use, some that she can use.

    As for the care, phalenopsis is usually much more delicate than cymbidium or dendrobium, so I don't recommend phalenopsis for boutonnieres where they tend to be crushed through hugs.  Also, the star shape of the dendrobium or cymbidium is also more interesting.

    If you're hell bent on having orchids, what you can do is buy potted orchids for about $13 during a sale, and then display those instead.
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    SmS84SmS84 member
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    I made my centerpieces myself & used silk orchids.
    It took some time to put all them together, but I was very happy with how they all turned out, I got a lot of compliments and it was very affordable.
    Best of luck!

    Shantel Santellana
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