I'm getting married in April and I love tulips.  Anyone else using Tulips as their flowers for their wedding?  Show pictures if you have any!
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Re: Tulips?

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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    This is has been discussed here before and the results have been mixed.  I did a mockup of a tulip centerpiece for my wedding and I'm glad I did.  They were droopy and I wasn't happy with them at all so I nixed them.
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    I don't have pictures, but I've seen simple centerpieces with mixed tulips in square vases. It was great and very casual. Next time you buy flowers get tulips and play a little.
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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    I had tulips along with several other flowers.  Pics in my married bio.
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    I found this photo and absolutely love it!  I am working with my florist to recreate it but she thinks we need 6-7 dozen tulips to cover.  It is becoming more expensive than you would think for tu

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    Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    I plan to have a couple of tulips in my bouquet, which will look something like this ...

    or this ...

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    My bouquet will be all fresh tulips (just shy of 2 dozen), as will my bridesmaids bouquets (about a dozen each). The bouts and corsages will be artifical tulips.

    My florist said that she has used tulips before and had no problems, except that sometimes they grow even after they've been cut and she's ended up with tulips towering over other flowers in bouquets. She said that this won't be such a problem with mine because the bouquets will be all tulips, so it will be easier to blend in/adjust a few taller ones if it happens. She also said that as long as we leave them in water when they aren't being used for pics or in the ceremony they'll be fine.
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    I love tulips!  I would really like to have all tulips in my bouquet, but I'm getting married in September so I'm afraid they will be terribly expensive.  April will be a great time for tulips though.  I think they have such a simple, clean look.  Good luck!
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