floral foam and flower freshness

I am planning on making a floral cornucopia for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.  I already have the fresh flowers.  They will need to be attached to the cornucopia using a piece of floral foam that's slipped inside.  How far ahead of time can I make the arrangement so the flowers don't dry out?

Re: floral foam and flower freshness

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    In typical foam arrangements, the foam is in a liner of some kind, and a little water standing in it.  The flowers can be done several days in advance, and will stay fresh if kept cool, and if you add a little water to the foam every day or two. 

    Depending on the type flowers used, they can stay looking fresh for a week or more (if kept cool).  For cornucopias, I am assuming you are using fall flowers, which typically last very well (mums, daisies, sunflowers, filler).

    Ideally, you should have some kind of waterproof liner or floral tray for the wet foam, thoroughly soak the oasis (in water with floral preservative).  The foam can be taped to the tray with waterproof floral tape, and then wired into the basket.  You might have to practice a little.

    If you don't have some kind of floral tray to hold the foam, at least wrap it with plastic (leave the top open), then poke holes in it to put the flowers in.  Try to keep the holes in the top half of the block of foam. 

    If you can't pour water on the foam every day or two without it leaking, you can spritz a little water in with a spray bottle.

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