Family member and florists for flowers?

Does anyone know if any florist will let me have a family member (who does flower arrangements also) do all of my bouquets and boutenniere's for my wedding and then I will have the florist handle the ceremony and reception flowers? I'm trying to stay within my budget w/o hving to pay so much for flowers. I didn't want my family member to be running around the day of the wedding to bring me my flowers then have to go to the reception and then ceremony site and then attend my wedding, that might be too much for her to do. I already met with a florist who said that they would have to do all the flowers but they were also kind of expensive.

Re: Family member and florists for flowers?

  • You can certainly hire a florist to just do your ceremony decor and reception flowers.  But the family member doing your personal flowers will have to purchase and obtain the flowers needed themselves and not go through the florist doing the reception flowers.

    If you don't mind the flowers (color, style, type) not matching perfectly I don't see a problem with doing this.

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