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I need some creative help please!

Hey girls! I have been thinking about these things for a few days/weeks now and I need your creative brains. Mine is so not crafty.

First, I need to find paper to make candle holders that look like this:

I figured I would have to make them, either with a Cricut (hopefully I can borrow someone's?) or punching out the design with little fancy square punches. But I was told that they should sell paper already cut out like that. I've tried searching google for it, but I can't think of good search words & "Punched paper" just comes up with those paper punchers themselves. Anyone? Anyone?

Second, I need help with thinking up ways to make my pocketfolds look more travel-y. I want to use them as a booklet for the reception for the menu, schedule, etc. They will be set on top of the napkin at each place setting. I was originally going to make small books with an embossed stamp on the front to make it look like a passport a la Lauren, but these pocketfolds are bigger than my already-purchased stamp. I thought I could make it look like a travel journal, but I don't know how that would work out. I wanted to make them travel themed because our escort cards are luggage tags tacked onto a vintage map and my table numbers are places we've traveled to together. Any ideas?
These are my pocketfolds (without the invites of course):

Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate it!
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Re: I need some creative help please!

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