XP: Is this normal?

So, FI and I started looking at florists today.  We are thinking of doing Sam's Club or Costco, because of the cost and what I want is really simple.  Well, when we called Sam's Club today, we were told that they can't tell us anything until after Valentine's day.  I am kind of off-put by this, because we also checked out 2 local grocery stores and were going to get prices and stuff from them as well, and neither of them blinked at eye and the one even said the earlier the better.

I am just torn because Sam's Club is much, much closer to us than Costco and I want to get corsages and boutonnieres as well as the bulk flowers, so I can't just order online. So basically, is this a normal response?  And if it is not, what can we do?  Because it seems like we just need to go elsewhere. And if it is normal, when should we start looking then?

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Re: XP: Is this normal?

  • Did you talk to a manager? I would call and let them know everything that you just stated. You may have been talking to some employee who didn't have a clue or didn't want to help you...sometimes you get that in customer service.
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