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my fiance and i are both crafty, so im considering doing button bouquets (to match the button bouts for the guys) for myself and my girls. we've outsourced the rest of the work to the venue (they will be catering, providing the photographer, etc.) since i really don't want to DIY the majority of my wedding. we would be doing this detail, along with a few select other details, ourselves. any thought?

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    Any thought to what?  To getting away with not DIYing things?  Try Etsy.  They have a ton of handcrafted stuff and you may be able to find a good deal.
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    If you have time (idk when your date is) then start them now and do one a week or so
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    I think that's a wonderful idea. I am getting a button bouquet made from a seller from etsy. In case you need inspiration:

     I think they are unique. Have fun making yours. :)
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