Your all rose bouquet

Hey! I'm trying to decide how many stems I should use for my, and my bridesmaids, all rose bouquets. 
I hoping you amazing brides would be willing to post a picture of your bouquet, and say how many roses were used in it. THIS WOULD BE SO HELPFUL!

more info - Budget is not an issue - I'm wearing a simple lace dress, and bridesmaids are wearing black cocktail dresses.

So many thank yous!!
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Re: Your all rose bouquet

  •   There were approx 22 roses in the bridal bouquet and 16 in the bridesmaids.  Sorry about the watermark.  Hope this helps
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    I ordered the white rose bouquet package from Costco for $399. My bouquet (pictured below) had 3 dozen roses, the BM had 2 dozen. This package also included bouts and corsages.

    If you want to save on stress and having to DIY, I highly recommend this. They come in other colors as well, and all the roses have pearl pins in the center, along with the greenery.

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