I'm meeting with the florist tomorrow for the first time, and I'm out of town, so we won't get to meet up many more times (if any) to plan things.  I think we're only doing bouquets and boutinieres (I have no idea how to spell that) for the WP, plus corsages and bouts for the parents & granparents.  I kind of know colors I want, but not really types of flowers - I'm open to hearing what florist has to say on that.  Can you think of anything else I need to know before going in, or things to ask her about??


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    Do you have a budget?  Tell the florist to make sure that they stay within it.  When you don't know specifically what you want, some florists take cart blanche and end up way over what you'd like to spend.

    Do you have a look you're going for?  I didn't know what flowers I wanted either.  I told my florist what my favorite flowers were and that all I wanted was a "soft look" (whatever that means!).  She did better than what I could have hoped for.

    Ask if they'll throw in a toss bouquet for free.  A lot of florists make a free toss bouquet.

    Ask about delivery.  Some charge extra for it and some have it built into their final price.
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    I would spend some time on here looking at different centerpieces and bouquets. Print out things you like and take that with you.  If you have your BM dresses yet print out a picture for them to see so that they know the color. They can suggest specific flowers for you and show you some of their work.

    BUDGET!!! Have your budget in mind. Tell them that you can't exceed ____ amount and see what kind of options they can do to fit into that.

    Just to give you an idea: Around here(SC) an average florist charges $9 per bout, $6 per corsage, $50 per BM bouquet and $125-$175 for bridal bouquet. I'd check the location board to see what florists in your area usually charge.

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