blue bridesmaids, I need help!

My wedding is April 30, 2011 and we've decided to do the bridesmaid dresses in Horizon blue (from Davids Bridal).  I really want tulips as my main flowers, but I don't know what colors would look best with the blue dresses.  White and light orange tulips accented with blue delphiniums? or shades of blues, lavender, and white? I can't decide.... any advice?

Re: blue bridesmaids, I need help!

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    Yellow tulips (or any flower for that matter) would pop on the blue.  Think of our venue and draw your accent colors from there.  Is there reds, pinks, oranges, etc.

    Best of luck.
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    check out

    i found the site really helpful when i was trying to tie down my color palette
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    It depends on the rest of your wedding which would look best, but I like the soound of both of thoses options!
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    hey, we're date twins! i'm doing david's bridal dresses in cornflower and going with yellow flowers, i love the yellow/blue combo. so i vote yellow! my maids will also have little sprigs of delphinium in them, like you already mentioned.
    but i think orange, or pink, really any color tulips i think would pop against the horizon. it's a beautiful color, i don't really think you can make a bad choice here.
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    Yellows, Oranges, Pinks - what is your color theme for your wedding?  Maybe that color combination can help with the flower choice?

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    I plan to have blue BM dresses and have the ladies carry a mix of pink and white flowers. Or maybe just pink. :-)
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    I think I am going to go with yellow, white, and light orange tulips with the blue delphinium.  Thanks for the help! :)
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    You can get tiny blue grape hyacinth to intersperse in the mixed tulips... beautiful!!!!!.  I also like the mini green hydrangea as a fresh accent against anything in the spring...  yellow and orange definately rock it... there is a tulip caled "princess irene you should check out too... nice....
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    We are planning to do Horizon from DB also, it's a gorgeous color!

    Sorry to hijack your post, but I was wondering... when it comes to flowers, is it better to stick with the wedding colors?  My wedding colors are blue, chocolate brown, and accents of green.  But most of the suggestions I've seen for pairing against blue dresses are yellows or oranges.  Would it look OK to only have yellows or oranges incorporated in flowers, without tying them into the rest of the wedding colors?

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