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Our wedding isn't until August 31, 2013 but I've been getting ideas for the flowers. Originally I wanted Hydragenas, which will be in season. But I was looking up silk flowers yesterday and came across beautiful Calla Lily and Tulip bouquets. I was just wondering what the opinion was on silk flowers for bridal bouquet and for the wedding party (bridesmaids and the boutineers). Thanks!
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Re: Silk vs. Fresh

  • I voted fresh fowers becuse I love flowers.  But practically, I would vote for whatever is budget friendly.
  • For me, it depends on the quality of the silks. Some that are poorer quality look cheap if you are close enough to them. And I just don't care for the look of cheap, fake flowers. But I have also seen some really nice silks. 
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  • Ditto about the quality. Honestly, silks can wind up looking crappy and usually to get a good silk bouquet, you pay about the same as you would going the fresh route.

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  • I ordered Natural Touch flowers.  They arrived yesterday (took a month to make) and they look so real.  In addition, to get the scent I order lily oil to put on them the day of the wedding.  It was $300 for the boquet, an extra to toss, 10 bouts, 3 bridemaids bouquets and 2 corsages.  I'll still have a few fresh flowers at the ceremony, but this was much easier and it's a nice keepsake that will look good after the wedding!
  • I'm allergic to flowers so I picked silk but the benefit of silk is all the girls will be able to keep their flowers forever!
  • I think flowers are really pretty, but I also know that they die after a week. I wanted something a litle different. At first, I was going to do a brooch bouquet, but then I got a really great deal on ivory sola bouquets and bouts. I realize that some people may not like it, but it saved me so much money!!!
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  • Love11506, that's a silk bouquet? It looks fab. I was just talking with my BFF last night about this. I will be going with fresh flowers because I cringe inside every time I see fake, but yours look awesome.

    Vgarlin, I don't know what a sola bouquet is but yours looks great as well!
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