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Hello Ladies!
Before I began speaking with florists - we are trying to get ideas of centerpieces/themes we want.  We're trying to save some money on flowers and decorations, and in that case I was thinking of doing every other table with flowers and then some other centerpiece that might be cheaper.  I've been looking into the Manzanita Trees or Crystal Trees and thought this would be a fun DIY project.  Has anyone tried making one of these or been to a wedding that had them?  Trying to see if they really look good and might help save some money but look good too. :-)Any information would be great. Thanks!

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    I personally am not a fan of the manzanita trend, but most brides I know love them!

    Maybe you could do something with candles on the other tables.  That would be relatively cheap.
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    Manzanita Trees can be a really affordable and dramatic centerpiece...they do not generally require as many flowers to "fill them out" as more standard vase-type centerpieces, so they often are less costly. There are places downtown in L.A. where you can rent the trees too, for really cheap. Check out the flower market downtown. Good luck!
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    That is an option, and certainly a really cool look.  But if you're doing it to save money, I think you will end up spending a lot of time and almost as much money on supplies as it would cost for simple floral centerpieces.

    Inexpensive vases, with simple but showy DIY flowers or candles is usually the cheapest way to go.
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    Depending on how simple you are willing to go with your flower arrangements- for our wedding we bought 24" tall clear glass cylinders and placed 2 or 3 stems of cymbidium orchids in the vase.  We finished the look by adding a banana leaf ringing the bottom of the vase to cover the stem ends.  It was very clean and simple, and unobtrusive enough that guests could still see one another.
    I've seen people do similar arrangements with cherry blossom stems, or filling the vase with water so that the orchids are fully submerged.  A friend of mine even ordered really lifelike silk stems, so that she could reuse them for future parties.
    Can't wait to hear what you decide on!
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    What look are you going for in the floral centerpieces?  Tall and slender, low and full, mixed bouquets, single blooms, etc...

    Because there might be a way to get a similar look by using less expensive flowers, or simpler containers.

    For example, I've seen a florist charge $40 each for simple 6" cube glass vase with 3 hydrangeas, with a colored ribbon around the vase.  But if you DIY, you can get a very similar look for about $15 per centerpiece by buying the vases in bulk (or for $4-6 at local stores), and about 5 stems of alstromerias from Sam's or Costco. 

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    I really wanted the crystal trees :-)  My mom and I looked into them and they were going to be pretty expensive.  I ended up going with a floral designer for my centerpieces who made branch centerpieces with crystals and candles hanging from them.  They turned out great and I loved them. 

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