Total Floral Budget?

Hello ladies - I'm trying to get an idea of how much personal and reception flowers cost for a wedding (given that I am not talented and can't do it myself). How much did you spend, are you going to spend, and how much are people trying to charge? 

Re: Total Floral Budget?

  • Cost depends on how many flowers are used, type of flowers, season, if they are locally grown... Check and contact them. They are very profeccional, have unique designs and best prices!
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    Ditto PP. There are so many factors that determine cost. We didn't have very many bouquets, corsages or bouts, but we had centerpieces using Manzanita branches  that cost us a small fortune. Our floral bill was $1,500.
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    Our flower budget was about 10% of our total wedding budget. If we went more minimal for the ceremony decorations it would have been less - but my mom wanted these things. We incorporated any ceremony flowers to be reused into other reception flower decorations. Cost of flowers will vary greatly depending on what you want, how much you want, where you live, and the growing season. 
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  • I've also heard the "rule" that flowers should be 10% of your total budget. I think just adjust up or down from there how important they are to you, how much you'll need and how crazy you want to go. You could spend a fortune, but really....
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    Our floral budget is about 7.5& of our total budget, but we are having a December wedding so the church will be decorated and we aren't using any floral in the ceremony other than personal flowers.  We are also doing half of our reception tables non-floral.
    Our floral budget is $1500.

    Edited to add: When you ask a florist for a quote, give them a  budget and see what they can create within that price point.  I low-balled the number I gave them to see what they could do a little bit under budget.
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  • So the proposal we have right now for personal flowers is $950. That includes my bouquet, 6 BM bouquets, 1 flowergirl bouquet, 9 bouts, 5 mini bouts, and 4ish corsages. Flowers are garden roses, hydrangeas, tea roses, billy balls, and misc greenery. 
    If I DIY the centerpieces (I'm on the fence about it since it's a "destination wedding" and I have nowhere to keep the flowers cool for a few days...) it will be an extra $550 (20 centerpieces) plus vases, foam (if needed), ribbon, etc. If the florist makes the centerpieces it would be an extra $850. I hope that example helps!
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