Faux Mercury Glass

I scored some awesome faux mercury glass vases (actually they are hurricanes for candles) at Kohl's and want to use them for centerpieces. The problem is the bottom of the vase says not to put water in it. Does anyone have experience using faux mercury glass as a centerpiece with real flowers? I'm wondering if it would be ok if I sprayed a protection sealant on the inside.....?? Don't want to risk killing the flowers or ruining the finish of the vases but before I run to the store and buy the rest of the stock I want to be confident they will work! Thanks :D

Re: Faux Mercury Glass

  • sealant will eventually come off ,I would see if there is a small glass container that can fit inside, there is no way I know to waterproof it enough for using flowers inside.. We sometimes use ziplock bags but there is always the possibility of them leaking.
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