I need some flower advice, ladies...

Went to the florist on Saturday, and put down a deposit on what I think I want (1/3 of the total price she quoted). Wedding isn't until October, so I have plenty of time to decide if I want to make any changes.

This is the bouquet I was using as inspiration:

I like it, and still think it's incredibly beautiful, but I'm having some issues. First, trying to find the right rose, in the color I want, is proving to be a huge pain. If I did this bouquet, I would only be using one single flower type through the whole gambit, and only two types of greenery (dusty miller, waxflower). So I want it to be just right. I already asked the florist if it would be possible to see some of these roses in person before making a final decision, but she has to buy in bulk, so that's not going to work.  I did choose a couple roses that I liked from the website she was showing me, but after I Googled the roses at home, I don't think I agree with the florist's flower color representation.

I'm also wondering if maybe the style of the bouquet isn't going to go very well with my dress. My gown is fitted through the hips, then has a full skirt covered with three-dimensional flowers. I'll be wearing some sort of tulle blusher or birdcage veil. I'm wondering if the bouquet is just a bit too simple now. I don't think I would go too overboard on colors (wedding colors are eggpant, ivory, and various greens), but maybe it should have more texture, or just a larger variety of flowers.

I also like these...


I would probably be able to replicate the first one easily, but the other two would just be loose interpretations.  Pale pink dahlias and subtle hydrangea for the second photo, and definitely the queen anne's lace, purple accents, and hydrangea for the third bouquet.


I guess I'm just lost. :(  I don't think we're paying a ton for our flowers at all (~$300 for bridal bouquet + toss, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 corsages, 12 bouts), and I'm worried that if I want more a more interesting, varied lot of flowers, it will cost a LOT more.

Can someone please share their experience with this?

Re: I need some flower advice, ladies...

  • 1)  If your dress is pretty detailed then I would keep with a simpler bouquet so as to not take away from the beauty of your dress

    2)  As someone who worked in the floral industry for 8 years, I am surprised that your florist can't order in one bunch (25 stems) of roses of each color you want to see?  It isn't like she won't be able to use these roses for everyday arrangements.

    3)  Seeing the color on the computer is completely different then what the color of the rose will be like in real life.  Also, you need to realize that these are fresh flowers and the colors will var from stem to stem and from bunch to bunch.

    4)  So you are paying $300 total for all of that?  Wow that is a great price!

    A suggestion, if you are really concerned about the final look of the bouquet you can always ask your florist to a make you a mock-up.  She will most likely charge you for this, but if it will help ease your mind with your choice it may be worth it in the grand scheme of things.

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    I did a mockup of my centerpieces but not my bouquet.  I wanted to see exactly what my flowers would look like and ended up making a few changes. 

    I agree that you will most likely not get the exact shade that you want.  I was really surprised how ivory my "white" flowers were when I got them.  The colors vary like the PP said.

    I don't want to sound mean but IMO, you're really overthinking it.  I would go with your first instinct and do a mockup before you scratch the whole thing and start over.  You might decide it's just what you want. If not, discuss your options with your florist and get their opinion.  He/she should be able to show you all they can do with the budget you give them.

    FWIW, I love that first bouquet!  I also like the 2nd of the other 3 you posted.  I prefer a simple bouquet to a larger one.  To me, the bouquet serves to add a visual element, but you should be the focus, not your bouquet.
  • I absolutely love that bouquet! Have you tried dahlias and garden roses? Those look like they would fit into that bouqut and garden roses look similar to peonies but are cheaper.

    Also, for $300 you are getting a great deal! I'm getting a bouquet for me, 2 bridesmaids, 5 corsages and 9 bouts for a little over $400. nice work!

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  • If you were ordering a larger quanity of florals for your wedding I am sure the florist would order more than just one color of rose. As a florist for over 25yrs,I can't imagine how this person can do all of your flowers for $300,that in itself would concern me greatly.
    I have always believed -"you get what you pay for"  JMO
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    [QUOTE]If you were ordering a larger quanity of florals for your wedding I am sure the florist would order more than just one color of rose. As a florist for over 25yrs,<strong>I can't imagine how this person can do all of your flowers for $300</strong>,that in itself would concern me greatly. I have always believed -"you get what you pay for"  JMO
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    I agree with this.  Heck, I think just my bouquet was about $300 (if not more). 

  • My flower total is $450~ for my bouquet, toss, 2 bridesmaids, 4 bout., 1 corsage and then I can't remember how many table displays we were estimated at (but the guestlist is ~170) and that was so reasonable, everyone else was $700+, but what I was wanting was also simple and I'm using in season flowers so I think that helped with the price too :-) it's possible to get things that are nice and with a nice price
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    The more detailed your dress, the simpler the bouquet would be my rule of thumb.  And, go smaller rather than larger.  As you can see in the top inspiration photo, that bouquet is far too large.  I ended up with a "bridesmaid" sized bouquet, which worked very well.
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