DIY Rose Bouqets/Boutineers

I want simple rose boquets (nothing else not even baby breath). Any recommendations on where to order the roses in bulk?
How far in advanced should I order the flowers? I was thinking of having them arrive Friday for a Sunday wedding.

I've never made boquets before, but I'm on a budget wedding, and I feel this is a good way to save $200/300. 

Is there any easier flower to make bouqets out of than roses? Any tips on DIY are welcome!

Re: DIY Rose Bouqets/Boutineers

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    We are ordering from Sams Club and the Flower Exchange for our assortment of different roses and carnations. They have really good prices and great reviews. When you order probably depends on the place you order from-- I would check out the websites of your sellers to see what they suggest. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to let the flowers open & spring back to life after their trip. Many of them take a few days to be ready since they didn't have a lot of water on the truck. 

    If you have not already, I suggest watching some youtubes on how to DIY the different items. It is easy, but it really helps to watch a professional do it. 

    Roses are a good bet because they are hardy and wont wilt very quickly. Make sure that you order items that are not too fragile or easily wilty and you should be fine. 
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    I am ordering from I have read good reviews. My wedding is in 3 months, I don't know when yours is, I might let you know my experience.
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    I'm thinking of ordering roses from Any reviews of them would be appreciated.  thanks

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