How much did you spend on flowers

I think I am going to do silk flowers but not sure if I will actually be saving that much doing so. How many people did you having standing up and what kind of flowers did you use? Thanks for input!!!

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Re: How much did you spend on flowers

  • You should post this on your local board to get a better idea of what things may cost.  

    My wedding was in North Florida at the end of May.  All of my flowers were in season: peonies, tulips, ranunculus, roses, gerbera daisies, and hydrangeas.  The total cost was $1250.

    1 bridal bouquet
    4 BM bouquets
    7 bouts
    3 mothers corsages
    garland with two large flower arrangements for gazebo
    10 medium size centerpieces
    3 large arrangements for hors d'ourves table and buffet
    2 small arrangements for bar
    1 small guest book table arrangement
    1 toss/anniversary dance bouquet
    extra flowers for the cake

    Delivery, set up, and pick up were factored into the price.
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  • Our wedding was last August

    We had the 20 piece white rose wedding package from Costco for $399 that included:
    Bridal bouquet
    4 BM bouquets
    6 bouts and 6 corsages
    toss bouquet
    2 centerpieces

    I ordered bulk flowers (70 stems of white asiatic lillies, 96 white long stemmed roses and 2 large bunches of baby's breath) to make 10 centerpieces. This cost $273.

    Total for above was $672.
  • I spent around $2300 in 2009.  It was mostly roses with lillies and hydrangea in the centerpieces.

    1 bridal bouquet
    2 BM bouquets
    14 bouts
    2 mothers' nosegays
    2 coursages
    cake flowers
    sign-in table arrangement
    buffet arrangement
    1 head table centerpiece
    12 centerpieces
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    We're spending $4800 for white roses and hydrangeas. We're having:

    - 15 tall centerpieces
    - 4 BM bouqets
    - 6 bouts
    - 2 mother's flowers
    - 1 FG basket.
    - 1 Coursage
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  • sometimes once you have purchased all the supplies to do them yourself, you aren't saving that much, but it's worth visiting with a couple florists in your area for comparison!
  • I just purchased my flowers from I bought all the flowers I need, and supplies... total with shipping was $161.30

    That was enough for:
    1 Bridal Bouquet (about 15 flowers)
    4 Bridesmaids bouquets (each with about 12 flowers)
    18 bouts
    10 corsages

    The bouquets have gerbera daisies, carnations, anemones, and dahlias...the bouts and corsages are all gerbera daises
    So going the DIY route and using silk can save a TON!
  • $500 for a mango mini calla wedding in May from
    I estimate it will get me:
    1-bridal bouquet
    4-BM bouquet
    1-flower girl
    2 -lg. centerpieces
    5- sm. centerpieces
    20+ extra stems for cake table, etc.

    Phew! Good thing mom will be in town to help me put that all together!
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