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Anyone else having a December wedding? What flowers are in season during the winter?  Will choosing in-season flowers keep the price down? I know nothing about flowers!! Thanks in advance!

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    flowers in season:

    Most of the time it is cheaper to order flowers that are in season and better yet available locally, but most florist are able to get their hands on just about any type of flower year round. It's normally best to talk with your florist and discuss budget and what "look" you had in mind.
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    Good thinking to look for flowers that are in-season! A few that never go out of season are roses and carnations. Flowers that others have used to great success in winter bouquets are snow drops, poinsettias, cybidium orchids, amaryllis, even gerbera daisies and tulips. 

    Have you thought about doing silk or real-touch? These flowers are incredibly real now days, so much so that often only the bride knows she's not holding real flowers. Silk never goes out of season, and helps save money because you can use the bouquet in decorating your new home later. I work with Lilywinkel: the bridal blossom shop ( and we have a large selection of high-quality silk if you're interested in going that route. Hope that helps! 
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    Winter is not really flower season anyway ....So you are working with mostly greenhouse grown blooms anyway...

    But what is available and nice for good prices are tulips, roses, dendrobium orchids, star of bethlehem, callas and gerber daisies... 

    I keep hearing how some people think fake flowers are a money saver but I just don't see that argument... Good ones are expensive, cheap ones look that way. 

    dendrobium orchid blooms cost about $5 a stem and are gorgeous... 

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    Yes they will be cheaper in season.  I am getting married in the first week of January and using a Christmasy theme.  We're using:

    Bride: Fire and Ice Roses with winter greens

    MOH: Poinsettias, Pine, Berries, and Fire and Ice roses

    Bridesmaids: Poinsettias, Pine, Berries, and cream roses

    Tables: Head table using our bouquets, guest tables three differnet height cylinders filled with water with white orchids on a mirror with tea ligh candles, with a garland of berries twined around them.

    Boys: Groom - Fire and ice rose with winter greends, BM/Groomsmen - poinsettias with winter greens

    Altar - Lillies and winter greens. 
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