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hello ladies! my colors are aubergine, ivory and black. The girls are wearing long aubergine dresses. I LOVE picasso calla lilies and the simplicity of one flower so that's what I picked for them. For me, I love the all white bouquet but wanted to add the calla lilies as well for a little color.

Do you think the combination is too bland? I'm thinking of maybe adding purple carnations to the girls bouquet too but I really like the calla lilies alone.

Mine wouldn't have the green going across or the all purple lilies-just the ones with purple in the center! :)

Re: bouquet opinions!

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    nooooooo to the carnations.... I love those callas too... just all Picassos , maybe a bit smaller if you need to save some money but JUSt callas is unbelieveably elegant!
    It also makes your eyes stand out!

  • AbbeyS2011AbbeyS2011 member
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    Very pretty bouquets.  I would stick with the callas for the BM, and then the roses and callas for you. 
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    I love the calla lillies by them selves, I am not a fan of carnations!
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    I also think callas stand on their on.  Put other flowers with them and it detacts from th elegant simplicity of them. 

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    I agree with Catwoman.
    The carnations would make your expensive and elegant flowers look cheap.
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