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I looked a few pages back and didn't see any posts about this, so forgive me if this is a repeat post. I'm just wondering what questions I should be prepared to ask when I have my first florist appointment next week. Thanks!
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Re: What to ask?

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    First of all, go in with pictures of what you like and/or are envisioning if you can.  For me, it was really a matter of going with the person I thought really understood my vision.

    Costs:  all costs for flowers, labor, delivery, set up/take down, rentals, deposit, etc.
    What time will they arrive the day of?
    How long before the wedding can you make changes, adjust your totals, give final count, etc.?
    Be up front about your budget.  Otherwise, they will give you quotes for the most elaborate, full arrangements assuming that is what you will want and your proposal may be double what you want to spend.  Let them know the amount you have to work with and then see what they can do.
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    I recommend that you ask if they have a minimum.  I wasted time with two florists who had minimums that were waaaaay above my budget.

    Oh, and you may want to find out if they've delivered to, and worked with, your venue.  If your ceremony is taking place somewhere different than your reception venue, ask about their experience with that site as well.

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