Corsage magnets?

It seems like whenever I have to wear a corsage with a straight pin, it either flops down or turns sideways. Has anyone seen any alternative ways to make corsages and boutonnieres with alligator clips or something else besides pins? I did a search and found a product called "corsage magnets". I suppose you could just buy "magnets".  :) You'd have to make sure no one with a pacemaker wore one or hugged somebody who was wearing one. 

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Re: Corsage magnets?

  • Magnets seem like a bad idea for the pacemaker thing... I've seen them where you get two pins. That way they are better anchored down.  Ask your florist if he/she has any ideas, they'd be the best ones to ask.   Good Luck
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  • Often the size of magnet used to hold a bout is not strong enough to comprimise a pacemaker, but it's best to be cautious.  ccarrion is right, if you use a second pin they do tend to stay put better.  I have ordered them before and they are called bout stix.  Talk to a local florist about this option.  They are more expensvie than pins, but more durable as well.  I have used them for the groomsmen and then use pins for the ushers, granpas, dads etc. 
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