Separate florists for wedding and reception?

So we have met with multiple florists, one the house florist for where we are having the reception and the other the house florist for the ceremony location, which is a church.  I thought that we would just get everything through the house florist for the reception place but in meeting with the church they were very particular about what could and could not be done and highly recommended that their florist do the flowers for the ceremony.  Has anyone else come across this problem? Thoughts about splitting the flowers? Having one florist for the ceremony and one for the reception? Is that too complicated?  Thanks!

Re: Separate florists for wedding and reception?

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    Most churches have restrictions on what can and cannot be done.  I think the churches florists is making it seem like a bigger deal then it really is just to get your business.  I would ask the church about any and all restrictions on flowers (maybe get a list).

    There is no harm in using two different florists but just know that the styles and flowers will not match.  So if you are looking for something uniform I would suggest going with one florist for the entire thing.

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