Sams club..

I was going to use sams club for my flowers but they won't substitute colors. I wanted the 75 pack hot pink and white but it was 50 hot pink and 25 white. I was then going to order the 100 pack which is way more than what we need but i figured i can make some arrangements or something but they also only do 25 white and 75 hot pink and would not substitute 25 of the hot pinks for 25 more white. Now its time to find somewhere else that is cheap. Any ideas?

Re: Sams club..

  • I've been looking at flowers for what feels like forever now and have had bad experiences with florists on top of everything else.I was about to look into something like Sams club and make my own it's good to finally see whereI can do that.
  • Go to Costco. They have 100 roses for $79.99.
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