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Hey all you DIYers.....where are you ordering your flowers from??? I want to order mine online and want some input....i am getting 500-700 roses and want to know if you have top pocks for online florist!! TIA!!!

Gabrielle :)

Re: diy FLOWERS...

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    There's another post about this slightly further down with some suggestions. I've heard good things about
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    Sorry I lied. It's THE flower exchange:
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    I've posted this in a few places., click the link at the top for "floral". I just checked the prices on the flower exchange, and Costco is cheaper on the roses, hydrangeas, and MUCH cheaper on the calla lillies and asiatic lillies. Flower exchange is cheaper on gerbera daisies.

    You'd have to do a "per stem" analysis to see which is cheaper for the flowers you want.

    Costco also has packages, ie white roses, $400......
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    The best deal that I've found is Sam's Club at 125 roses for $89.  They have very good reviews.  This is where I'm getting my flowers. 

    Costco has good prices and good reviews too.  I think it was 100 roses for $99.

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    When I was going to DIY my flowers, I was going to use Sams Club.
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    Does anyone know where to order more rare flowers for DIY?  Example--Anemones?
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    edited December 2011 is a great place to look for the rare flowers as well as the combos.  They have DIY set ups with mix flowers, single flowers, and fillers are part of your choices!  Something to look into!

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    I used for my roses. They were the cheapest, and less than 5 of my 600 roses were unusable. Plus the customer service was good, I ordered a particular rose and they were not able to provide it when I needed them, so I recieved a call the week I ordered (way before my wedding). Shipping was ontime, and the flowers were beautiful. They lasted almost 2 weeks. Unfortunately, they are not the cheapest for rose petals, is.
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    For DIY flowers don't forget all the local specialty cutflower growers. Farmers Markets etc. Our org is we list growers through out the country. You will have local 'green' flowers, fresh too. Most of us grow some really cool stuff including anemones.
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    How far in advance do you start making floral centerpieces? Can you store them in the fridge? I am not sure when to start before the day of the wedding. I only have to make 8 floral centerpieces and 5 bouqets. I plan on using roses and hydrangeas mostly, and maybe some tulips. Any suggestions?

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    Hey -

    I'm just starting my wedding planning!!!!!  I need to find ways to save and am going to go the DIY route on a couple fronts.  My sister used for her wedding flowers.  I think I'm going to do the same. 

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