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Hi everyone,

I had intended to make bouquets for the BMs and myself for the wedding, however, when I asked at a local store if I could buy wholesale Gerberas, I was promptly given a lecture on Gerberas being extremely difficult flowers to make DIY bouquets with. I figure I will test this out before the wedding, but I just wondered if anyone has tried and has any feedback.

Thank you!

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    I wouldn't say that they are just have to be careful with them.  When you purchase bulk gerbs the stems need to be cut at an angle and immediately put into cool water.  You will notice that the heads will tend to be droopy but that is because the flowers have been out of water for awhile.  Also you will need to buy medium gauge wire (you can get this at Michaels or Joanns)...take one piece of wire and poke the wire up underneath the head of the gerb into the center of the flower (but not all the way don't want to see the wire) and then gently and loosely twist the wire around the stem of the gerb.  This will help support the head of the flower...this also allows you to manipulate the head of the gerb some but not too much because then it will break.

    The hardest part about working with gerbs is that the stem at the base of the flower head is sensitive and the heads can break easily if grabbed to hard at the top of the stem.  So when you make your bouquet just be gentle and definitely factor in flower breakage.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you, extremely helpful!! :)
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    I just bought a bouquet of Gerbera's last night at Whole Foods. They have the plastic tubes on them. I was thinking if I wrapped ribbon around them, it would work as a wedding bouquet. And it was only $9 for 10 flowers!!
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    If you are planning to buy bulk Gerberas, check out Sam's Club online.  They have really good prices.
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