Where to have the bulk roses delivered?

My wedding is 2 hours away from my home. Should I hthem delivered to the site and ask the wedding coordinator to take care of them before the wedding?? Or should i have them delivered to my home and then take them up on the wedding day?

Re: Where to have the bulk roses delivered?

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    Who will be assembling the bulk flowers into bouquets/arrangements?

    I would definitely ask your wedding coordinator if she is prepared to do this job.  She will likely be busy that day and not be able to do it.  Or she might charge you extra for assembly.  Ask her and see what she says - her response should dictate your answer, whether you drop them off to her or get them to your house for you to assemble.
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      If you are buying bulk roses, you will need to have them delivered a day or two before the actual wedding. Roses need to be properly hydrated and prepped (guard petals and thorns removed), which takes time. I guess to answer your questions, have them delivered to your home a day or two before the wedding day. See if your coordinator will do them the day before the wedding and take them from your house to the wedding site.
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