Brides bouquet woes

Our wedding is in 1 1/2 months.  Long story short, We're traveling out of state for our wedding.  All other flowers are silks except for the bride bouquet.  We had a close family friend create (for free) our bm bouquets and centerpieces out of silks.  I helped pick out the flowers (had NO IDEA what I was doing) and now regret the flowers I picked.  Our florist friend surprised me with a few extra touches to the bm bouquets that I don't like either.  Unfortunately, all of the bouquets and centerpieces are done, so there's really no going back.  I've come to peace with this and it's fine.  They still look pretty, we'll roll with it for the wedding, no big deal.   My problem is now I have to figure out my bouquet with a florist at the wedding location (and have only this weekend to do it).  Since the bm bouquets have so many different flowers and details that pop, it's going to be hard to top it and still have my flowers look extra good.

BM bouquets have: lt purple hydrangeas, 4 bright yellow roses, one huge dk purple rose, i think a few dk purple mini calla lillies, purple tulle, yellow ribbon, and a few green leaves.

I'd like to stear away from the yellow in mine, but still want my bouquet to stand out.  Does anyone have any ideas?  We're on such a short timeline now, I want to have something ready for my florist when I meet them this weekend.
Sorry but I don't have any pictures (which also adds to my frustrations since I have to describe all this to the florist for my bouquet).

I'm trying to not have an anxiety attack over this since the wedding is so soon.  Any supportive ideas are welcomed.

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    You need to have the person who put together your BM bouquets and centerpieces send you a pic of them immediately.  You need this pic to be able to show to your florist.  Your florist should have some great ideas on how to make your bouquet "stand out" from the others.

    IMO, I think since your BM bouquets are so "flashy", I would keep yours very simple and elegant.  Maybe stick with one flower (like all callas or roses) or one color (like all white). 

    Just remember that you will be the one wearing the big white dress so your bouquet will stand out from everything else because you will stand out from everything else.  Also, IMO, real flowers always look prettier then silk flowers.

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    I agree with Maggie0829, i would choose one flower and make your bouquet out of just that. Also, just a thought, most florisits offer some kind of "bling". like rhinestones tucked in the flowers or on the handle. thats always an option to make it different!
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    Can you take some items out of the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces to make them less flashy?  Although I would assume the close personal friend who made them will be coming to the wedding...

    I found these bouquets using white and purple flowers:


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    I agree with using one type or color of flowers. I think white boquets for the bride are stunning!
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    I wanted my bridesmaids to have all the color and mine to be elegant. My girls are full of color and my boquet is very similar to what MrsKathyC posted as ideas. I would pick your favorite flower in one color and stick with it. All the attention will be on you anyway.
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