So, I've recently come around to the idea of DIY for most of my flowers. However, I can't find poppies for sale on any of the sites that people tend to go to for wholesale flowers. Any suggestions? Or is that just a flower that's going to be impossible to find? The red poppy color is my main wedding color, and I'd love to actually have some, I know I could substitute with anemones or ramunculus, but I'd really like to have the real deal. I really want that vibrant red/orange color. 

All I can find on Google is where to buy seeds or pods (or how to make your own opium, yikes!). Would it be cool for me to go to a regular florist and see if they would/could order them, even though I'd be DIY?

Also, does anyone know of a flower that has similar color to red geraniums but is better is arrangements?

Re: Poppies

  • Because poppies can be grown in gardens, I have to believe there will florists who can get this for you. I'd check with your local floral vendors and see what they can supply you. It's probably a summer flower.

    This website has a large selection of red flowers that are similar:

    The red and Red passion gerbera daisies, red coxcomb, there's a burgundy dahlia. The red ypericum is similar to geraniums. They also have a red sunflower, but it i smore like a dark orange red.

    If you have other flowers you are using, you could substitute a realistic looking silk red poppy and mix it with fresh.
  • Your local florist should be able to track them down for you.  Many sites don't ship them because the petals are too deliate and cannot withstand delivery. 
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